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Windows 7 File Recovery

Window 7 is the latest version of Microsoft window operating system. It provides a tech savvy person a perfect platform for advance computing. So If you are a technocrat and working on window 7 and accidently deleted some crucial data file from your system and there is no way to retrieve that data file back on your hard disk. Now wondering how would I get my deleted data back?

Windows 7 file recovery software is just the solution you must look for. But next question will it  solve all my purposes accordingly ( for e.g. what if I need file recovery tool or I want to recover deleted partition or what if I want to recover deleted file as per my different needs, do I need to purchase separate software’s. The answer is absolutely No!

Windows 7 File Recovery Software

Windows data recovery software is one complete end to end solution to recover Window 7 deleted files. So if all alternative solutions which are collaborated in one single software effectively and easily available what else you can ask for.

Data recovery software is best fit as it comes at reasonable price and as well as immaculate in working.
Cherry on the cake is this all comes within reasonable price.
Starting at USD 49 
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Free Download Windows 7 File Recovery Software

There is provision to download demo version for free so that user can actually see the capabilities of solution provided to them. Demo version helps you to preview all the lost files but it does not allow you to save those file back on your storage media again.

When after using Demo version if user is convinced that it is astounding tool with incredible capabilities then only on need to to purchase the software

Immediately, We sent an email to you that containing Key Number & Download Link after purchase  .

Salient Features - Windows 7 File Recovery Software

  • You can retrieve data back from even crashed hard disk
  • It supports recovery of all fragmented, encrypted and compressed files.
  • Comes in handy and compatible with all versions of windows.
  • Retrieves data back for any storage media (be it DVD, USB digital media etc.)
  • Supports various file versions in case you have formatted your hard drive (i.e. No concerns whether your system has NTFS or FTS file environment)
  • Distinguish recovered file in red colour once recovery process is completed.
  • Even if your system is not booting and giving you the system error message like “operating system missing” and “Not found” it will still recover the crucial data back for you.
  • Even in case system is virus crashed or showing catastrophic behaviour, data recovery tool still recover your data immaculately without fail.
  • File filter option enable you to search different files having different file extensions
  • Use swift scanning to check data hard drive and retrieve back deleted data from deleted partition.
  • Support various file system, Operating system and storage devices

In all respect windows 7 deleted file recovery is the best and safest software to recover any kind of data.

Take following steps to recover deleted files from windows 7

Step 1: Download Quick Recovery - Windows Data Recovery Software, install it and run and then select disk 0 on left side:

recover deleted files from windows 7

Step 2: Select Quick Recovery in Recovery Modes and Click Next...

formatted hard drive recovery process

Step 3: Click on Next button to recover selected partition (OR) select partition that you want to recover (OR) click on SEARCH MORE PARTITION button to search more partitions

Step 5: Let the quick recovery - windows Data Recovery Software scan the partition to search files/folders, see the below image:

Step 6: See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign

Step 7: All the files in that drive will show in the right side See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign then select the folder with check sign

Step 8: Now select the files/folders for recovery

Step 9: Right click on selected file/folder and select save. Now give the path to save file/folder in any other drive.

Step 10: Press OK and Recovery is complete.

Please see windows data recovery for more details.

Our data recovery software
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Frequently Asked Question
Q: How long does it usually take to recover any files or folders?
A: The exact time of the recovery will depend on the kind of files to be recovered and the process to be used for the recovery.
However, usually, it does not take more than one totwo hours to recover data with quick recovery software.
Q: Suggest some ways to stay away from
the problem of data loss.

A: To start with, get a nice anti-virus which may stop your files from getting attacked and corrupted by viruses. Apart from that, the best way to stay clear of the problem of data loss is to make back up files for all the documents.

Q: What does one mean by RAID?
A: RAID is a technology by which many drives are combined into unit of data storage. The partitions are created in the drive by using striping.

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