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Windows 2000 File Recovery

Quick Recovery - windows file recovery and data recovery softwares are the world's most downloaded data recovery software, inherits all the strengths of the previous version and implements new technologies to improve the efficiency and reliability.

Sometime, we need some data which we have already deleted by mistake though they are very important as well as essential or it may happen we lost our data due to system crash or operating system reinstallation. The best solution of this problem is windows 2000 deleted file recovery software to get back all deleted data.


Windows 2000 File Recovery Software

With the implementation of new technologies the lestest version of quick recovery - windows is not only recover deleted data from windows 2000 but also recover data from windows 7, vista, 2003, XP, NT, ME, 98, and 95.

Many times, important data & information are deleted from laptop or computer or from any memory devices which are full of important data, files, and pictures due to careless handling or lack of knowledge in computer. Then it is very difficult to find them back again. Only way in this case is windows 2000 deleted file recovery software. This Software can easily recover data from FATS and NTFS file system. Data may be lost due to many reasons but there are 4 main reasons when you need windows data recovery software :

  • Recover data from bad sector in hard disk.
  • Recover data from bad partition table corruption
  • Recover data which was loss at the time of formatting the window
  • Recover data from accidental file deletion
 In any of these situation you can easily download the free version of windows file recovery software and recover your data in few minutes.  
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Easily Recover Lost, Missing or Deleted files from windows 2000

Windows 2000 deleted file recovery software take just few steps to recover data without damaging any data or file. In all respect windows 2000 deleted file recovery software is the best and safest way to recover any kind of the data without any headache in shortest time.


Take following steps to recover data from windows 2000

Step 1: Download Quick Recovery - Windows Data Recovery Software, install it and run and then select disk 0 on left side:

Recover Formatted Hard Disk

Step 2: Select Quick Recovery in Recovery Modes and Click Next...

Step 3: Click on Next button to recover selected partition (OR) select partition that you want to recover (OR) click on SEARCH MORE PARTITION button to search more partitions

Step 5: Let the quick recovery - windows Data Recovery Software scan the partition to search files/folders, see the below image:

Step 6: See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign

Step 7: All the files in that drive will show in the right side See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign then select the folder with check sign

Step 8: Now select the files/folders for recovery

Step 9: Right click on selected file/folder and select save. Now give the path to save file/folder in any other drive.

Step 10: Press OK and Recovery is complete.

Please see windows data recovery for more details.


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Frequently Asked Question
Q: How long does it usually take to recover any files or folders?
A: The exact time of the recovery will depend on the kind of files to be recovered and the process to be used for the recovery.
However, usually, it does not take more than one totwo hours to recover data with quick recovery software.
Q: Suggest some ways to stay away from
the problem of data loss.

A: To start with, get a nice anti-virus which may stop your files from getting attacked and corrupted by viruses. Apart from that, the best way to stay clear of the problem of data loss is to make back up files for all the documents.

Q: What does one mean by RAID?
A: RAID is a technology by which many drives are combined into unit of data storage. The partitions are created in the drive by using striping.

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