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FAQs for VMware Software

Q:Are you facing problem to open the recovered file?

A:If yes, then it is due to the two following cases as

  • Case1: Damaged Files: In this, once the file is deleted, it can be one of the reason that it is damaged by:
    • Another file
    • Overwriting
    • Disk defragmentation
    • Virus attack
    • Hacking activity where, Microsoft Office files are especially susceptible.
  • Case2: Fragmented Files: Some of the large files are saved in discrete locations because they cannot secure contiguous hard disk space. When one of these files is deleted, then it is hard to recover. Even though the file's start location is available, the location information of other fragments is usually erased.

Q: What is the difference among Quick recovery, Exhaustive recovery and Raw recovery?

A: Differences:

  • Quick Recovery: In this process, it is purely meant to recover the deleted files.
  • Exhaustive Recovery: In this, it is purely meant to retrieve files from corrupted drives, partitions and folders.
  • Raw Recovery: In this, it is purely meant to recover long lost files by searching file sector by sector.

Q: Is that your disk is facing the problems related to bad sectors?

A: Yes, the solution to this problem is disk imaging that can easily recover your data

Q:Is this software support all file ex-tensions of VMware ?

A: No, This software supports only (.Vmdk) file.

Q: If Virtual machine File is Corrupted, then Quick Recovery for VMware works or not ?

A: Yes, Quick recovery for VMware Software will Recover and Repair that file through (.Vmdk) file and you can save your data

Q: Does this software is helpful to support the files system as FAT and NTFS?

A: Yes, this software is being very helpful in supporting the FAT and NTFS files system.

Q: Are you facing the problem related to physically damage of your disk ?

A: Please contact as