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FAQs for Novell Data Recovery

Q: What do you understand by the concept for data recovery for Novell Netware Volume?

A: The data recovery for MAC is software that enhances very incredible feature to recover the data from

  • Damaged
  • Deleted
  • Formatted Novell volume of NWFS; Net386 file system based operating systems

Q: What are the three modes and are meant for what purpose?

A: The three modes are:

  • Quick Recovery Mode: This mode quickly analyses the disk and display the files.
  • Advanced Recovery Mode: This mode is useful when Quick recovery mode do not recover the desired files.
  • Raw Recovery: This mode is helpful when Quick and Advanced recoveries fail to recover the desired files.
Q: How to run Unistal’s quick recovery software for Novell Netware?
  • Firstly, you need to install theQuick Recovery for Novell Netware. Right click on Quick Novell Netware icon from desktop & choose "Run asAdministrator"
  • Then Go to Start menu>Programs > Quick Recovery > Quick Recovery for Novell Netware & Right click Quick Recovery for Novell Netware & choose "Run as administrator only for Window7 and Window Vista.

Q: What is interesting about the Novell Netware?
A: This software enhances to recover or repair the database and provide the option to save that data at any other place so that you can use that data in future.

Q: How Novell Netware software can be helpful in recovering the compressed files?

  • After recovering the data from the crashed server(s) many files will not open, as the files were earlier stored in compressed form.
  • Once you have recovered all the files, you need to upload all the files to the NWFS volume.
  • Bring down the server and attach the drive containing NWFS partition and recovered data to the machine where Unistal’s quick recovery for Novell(NWFS) is installed
  • The software will scan and display all the recoverable files in the tree view.
  • After completion of the scan, you will see all the recovered folders listed in the left pane.
  • Click on “options” menu. Click on “Mark the compressed files”
  • Now user can save the recovered compressed file.
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