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FAQs for Quick Recovery Access Password

Q: Is the software allows to add more words in the dictionary to recover the password?

A: No, the software do not permits you to add any words in the dictionary.

Q: How long the software take to recover the password from MS access,In recovering the password,how competent is this software?

A: MS access software for password is useful to recover the lost password on every occasion. The time required, however, depends on the length and the options provided to recognize the password. To track the password faster, you should use the password options .

Q: The software involves a long duration to recover the password. Is there any option to pause the process and resume from the same state?
A: Not yet. In this case, you need to start the process from the very beginning the next time you start.

Q: Does the software allow you to replace my own dictionary with the existing dictionary in the application?
A: No, MS access software to recover the password does not allow you to add your own dictionary or modify the existing one in the application.

Q: How can you recover the password in the MS access?
A: You need to follow the procedure as:
  • Selecting or browsing file is the bloom step to recover password of Access file.
  • Select password protected Access file to recover the password of mdb database.
  • You can specify the search by selecting the length of password, first character or the password; you can also specify the set of character.
  • This software use Dictionary attack method and Brute force attack method to break the security and recover the password.
  • Once an attack is complete, the "Quick Recovery Access password" displays the results of the password recovery process in the Password Found Report.