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FAQs for MAC data Recovery.

Q: What do you understand by the concept for data recovery for MAC?

A: The data recovery for MAC is software that enhances very incredible feature to recover the data from

  • Damaged.
  • Deleted.
  • Corrupted HFS volumes.
Q: What is specialty about this software?

A: The software has the following specialty as:

  • The software enhances to support the Multi-Disk Drive that performs the recovery on all IDE, EIDE and SCSI disk devices.
  • The software has an interactive tree structure to view, select (tag) and recover files and directories to a safe Location.
  • Window explorer- styled interface.
Q: Are you facing the problem related to your corrupted drive?
A: Yes, lets us take two environments into the considerations as:
  • Any volume or secondary drive got Corrupted:
    Unistal has introduced the software for data recovery for MAC that can detect such volume and also enlist them in the software where, you are facing a problem of volume inaccessibility or any of the volume fails to mount. You can then select the unmountable volume and scan it to recover all deleted data and lost data.
  • The Boot Volume got Corrupt:

    With the System Disk Utility option of Unistal's Mac Data recovery, you can still recover data from an unbootable system.

Q: What are the three modes and are meant for what purpose?

A: The three modes are:

  • Quick Recovery Mode: This mode quickly analyses the disk and display the files.
  • Advanced Recovery Mode: This mode is useful when Quick recovery mode do not recover the desired files.
  • Raw Recovery: This mode is helpful when Quick and Advanced recoveries fail to recover the desired files.

Q: Why use Unistal's quick data recovery for Mac?

  • Unistal's data recovery for Macis important recovery software for Macintosh operating system. This software helps you to recover the data in many scenarios like: Segment Loader Error, No Such volume, Bad file name, Bad master directory blocks, Directory not found, Not an HFS Volume, Not a Macintosh disk.
  • You can also recover the data in case of Volume header corruption, Catalog file's node corruption. In some other condition you can use this software.

Q: How to recover the data from formatted drive for Mac?

A: Follow the following procedure as:

  • Firstly run the Unistal's Mac data recovery software.
  • You can visualize all the drives physically connected to the system in the left hand panel.
  • On selecting the physical partition from which you want to recover the deleted data and then select the recovery modes as per requirement then click on "next".
  • The software will scan and display all the recoverable files in the tree view.
  • After completion of the scan, you will see all the recovered folders listed in the left pane.
  • Select the folders you need to recover or choose specific files for recovery and directory will display.