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Q: How can you run the "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel"?

A: You need to follow the following procedure in order to run “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel” as:

  • Install Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel. Double click on Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel icon from desktop & run. Or else you can go to Start menu Programs Quick Recovery Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel & click Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel & Run.

Q: How the "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel" is useful?

A: For the following cases you can use this software which has proven its worth as follows: You can use this software to repair the

  • Header corruption
  • Human errors
  • Unexpected system shutdown.

You can also use this software when your Excel file is corrupted because of virus attack.

Q: How can you repair or recover the “Microsoft Excel” using the “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel”?

A: You need to follow the following steps as follows:

  • First installed the “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel” and run the software
  • Set the Document File Path.
  • Set the Repaired Document File Path where you want to set the destination for the repaired file.
  • Select any one of the mode as per functionality as
  • Quick Repair:
    In Quick Repair mode you can repair the file by making changes in header portion.
    There is no guarantee of complete data recovery because in Quick Repair mode all the changes are made in header portion, so there can be some corruption in the data area, for those cases Advance Repair would be the best option.
  • Advance Repair:
    This option searches one by one till end of file for Text, Pictures, Table contents, Clip-Art etc.
    First it stores it in temporary Repaired path. Once it collects all required information then rename that file to repair excel file path.
  • Click on next, you can save the repaired or recovered the xls and .xlsx files.
Q: Will this software make any changes to the source file?

A: The software will not make any changes to source excel. First it will copy that file to repaired path then it will start operation on it.

Q: What are the limitations on using the trail version of “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel”?
  • More than 15kb you can not use the trail version of our software.
  • To enjoy the software you need to purchase the software.
Q: While running “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel” is the “MS Excel” files eligible to use?

A: No, it is strictly prohibited to use MS Excel application while running “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel” software.
Therefore, make sure that 'MS Excel' is closed while this software is running or performing its task.

Q: Retrieval of Multiple Excel Files can be done using “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel”?

A: Yes “Quick Recovery for Microsoft Excel” software allows to retrieve multiple excel files in one go.