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Let us initiate the conversation with the very first question itself, that is, what is Digital Media?

Digital Media is the conjunction of two separate identity viz. Digital, which means data which is in the form of bits and bytes or 0 and 1(Binary Form) very much understandable by the machinery having streamlined discrete values.

On the other hand Media (Plural form of word borrowed from Latin) is an intervening agency. In technical context Digital Media refers to the medium used for storing or transferring digital data for eg. Image files, multimedia content, videos, movies etc.

Digital Media is very essential in day to day activities because of increasing reliable conversation over Internet and incremented usage of home digital data. Therefore, bulk data is now being stored on computer’s Hard Disk, pen drives, CD-RW, DVD-RW, MMC etc. Accordingly, data has specified priorities for different situations and aims. For instance, image files have far more requirement in multimedia industry as compared to hospital industry, where data should be more of word files and folders.

Safeguard mechanism should be implemented along with the data to combat its lost or deletion, but in cases where effective safeguard mechanism are insufficient the data gets deleted, lost and the condition resulting in failed Windows partition files (FAT32, VFAT, NTFS5 etc), virus infected executable files, corrupted dynamic libraries, MFT failure, bad sectors on the disk or damaged logical drive data etc.

Now, no safeguard mechanism could help, therefore here comes the need for even more resilient software called Quick Recovery for Digital Media Recovery software. This robust application program recover entire media files in disk partition and digital data files back to your and could be saved at the user defined location.

With the complete range of user friendly features this data recovery software is enhanced with Quick Recovery potential to recover bulk data very quickly. Easily available on the product website from where it could be downloaded, installed and finally run. With the advanced attributes this versatile application is very convenient and at the same time involves rigid logical coding to give recovery of each type of Windows media file.

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