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FAQs for Data Wipe - File Eraser Software

Q: How the Data Wipe software is useful?

A:This Data Wipe software is helpful as:

  • This software is user confound software that helps you to ensure the security of your data by deleting it completely from your system. So you can use this software for the security reasons.
  • This software helps you to erase all types of that and once you erase the data with the help of this software all the recovery software are useless. So this is important software in the sense of security.

Q: How the Data wipe software is use to delete the data from your system completely?

A: You need to follow the procedure as:

  • This is user friendly software you need the select the drive that you want to wipe
  • Then you need to select the wipe option to wipe the data.
  • Once you wipe the data no one can recover the data.
  • You can remove the links from resent folders as well.
  • You can use the internet wipe option to remove the data.
  • This software ensures that the data can not be recovered by any means.