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Recover Data After Reinstalling Windows

Reinstalling the windows in your computer will not lead to any kind of permanent loss of the files. One can easily recover the lost or delete data by using the Quick Recovery - Data Recovery Software, which will only become difficult if the files required are overwritten. If you wish to recover lost data after the reinstallation of Windows it is advised to stop the usage of hard disk and ensure that no data is saved on the drive as this will lead to over writing and cause permanent loss of the data. Once overwritten the data has very less chances of recovering the files lost using the software for recovery.

Recover Data from Crashed Windows

We can recover files even after the reinstallation of Windows as the windows system for files may get corrupted or even deleted. Another reason might be that the windows have got corrupted or a hardware failure may lead to the crashing of the windows. Another reason would be that the virus or mal spyware has not been removed or due to the installation of windows It is when the windows are reinstalled the important files located in the folder with the caption “my documents” kept either on the desktop or on some partition will get lost, which will require you to search for files. This whole issue basically crops up when the folded called “document and settings” are reinitialized and ends in the deletion of information of the previous files which have been lost in partition of the system. However the files which are deleted may be easily recovered till the time they have not been overwritten.

The recovery of the files lost due to the reinstallation of Windows will follow a similar trend similar to the one followed by the other files. All you need to do is download the quick recovery - windows data recovery software which will be powerful software and help you in recovery of the files. One important tip to be followed while proceeding with the procedure for recovery is that the files may be lost after the reinstallation of Windows, in such a scenario it is advised to stop the use of the available hard disks and ensure that no data is being saved on hard disk for future.

Do not panic! Here will enumerate the tips which one can follow in case you are boot your system or any of above listed issues. It is advised that you must connect the available hard disk to some healthy computer and then only recover the files after the windows have been reinstalled.

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Key Features - Data Recovery Software:

  • Recover Data from Deleted, Missing or Lost Logical Drives
  • Recover data from formatted hard disk paritition
  • Recover NTFS/FAT disk drive
  • Support all Hard Disk Drives: IDE, EIDE, SCSI, iSCSI, Micro & SATA drives.
  • Supports Recycle Bin retrieval from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT formatted partitions / drives
  • Recover Data from Zero Hard Disk Formatt
  • Recovers files deleted from Windows command prompt
  • Recovers data after formatting & creating different file system  
  • Simulated previously existing partitions  
  • Recover files from SATA /SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, memory stick, USB external drives, FireWire drives and iPods
  • Free File Preview - The software enables preview of all the recoverable files after scanning.

Take following steps to recover data from the dynamic disk volumes

Step 1: Download Quick Recovery - Windows Data Recovery Software, install it and run and then select disk 0 on left side:

Recover Files from the Dynamic Disk

Step 2: Select Quick Recovery in Recovery Modes and Click Next...

Recover Deleted Files from the Dynamic Disk

Step 3: Click on Next button to recover selected partition (OR) select partition that you want to recover (OR) click on SEARCH MORE PARTITION button to search more partitions

Step 5: Let the quick recovery - windows Data Recovery Software scan the partition to search files/folders, see the below image:

Step 6: See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign

Step 7: All the files in that drive will show in the right side See all the logical drives here, now select the drive/folder with check sign then select the folder with check sign

Step 8: Now select the files/folders for recovery

Step 9: Right click on selected file/folder and select save. Now give the path to save file/folder in any other drive.

Step 10: Press OK and Recovery is complete.

Please see windows data recovery for more details.

Note: It is advised that you must try the demo version of the quick recovery so as to gain an idea of the chances of recovery in this process from the hard disk before actually making a move to purchase the software.



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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Under what versions of MS Access supports the "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Access"?
A: "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Access" will support the following version of Microsoft Access as follows:

  • MS Access 2003
  • Access XP
  • Access 2000
  • Access 97
  • Access 95

Q: How you can recover the MS Access file using "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Access"?
A: You need to follow the following procedure as follows:

  • Selecting or browsing file which you need to repair corrupted MS Access File.
  • Repair the selected Microsoft access file.
  • After repairing corrupt MS Access file, software will allow you to preview the content of repaired MDB files.
  • You need to save the file for the use.

Q: 3) On your system to recover the database do you require to install Microsoft Access?
A: Yes. There should be Microsoft Access installed on the same system where the "Quick Recovery for Microsoft Access "software is installed.

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