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1. How to Recover Data from Hard Drive?

Under worst scenario, it always happens that your hard drive, where you have stored important information, may crash at the time of emergency. The situation can be very daunted, but there are several ways to get you out of this problem. You cannot expect your PC to tell when you are going to fall in such situation, but a well prepared back up plan can be extremely helpful. Through the means of advanced technology, it is not difficult to recover your lost data in case your hard drive gets crashed or it stops operating properly. Generally, two types of failures may occur in the hard drive:

  • Physical Malfunction: It occurs due to excessive use of the hard drive or due to other types of damages.
  • Logical Malfunction: It occurs due to attack of virus and other digital pests.

But, in both the cases you can recover your data, provided you have the provisions in the form of appropriate data recovery software that can be helpful in this situation. So, whenever you create a new file, make sure that you also create a back up file. A copy of that file will help you to recover the data easily. In this case when the hard drive gets crashed, you simply need to reformat restore the copy of the lost file. There are varieties of Data recovery packages available in the market for the purpose of safety file recovery.

Also, be careful that you stop saving and downloading the files to the hard drive where you have lost the file. If you find that the problem in your hard drive has occurred due to the physical; reasons, then the last option is to freeze your drive. Put the hard drive in the moisture free bag and leave it for 24 hours. After that, there is the strong possibility that your hard drive may again begin to operate properly. This is the cheapest and simplest method to improve the condition of your hard drive, instead of asking a computer operator or professional which will ask for lots of money to rectify the error. Not just cheaper, it can also save large fraction of your precious time.

However, if you are looking for the recovery solutions which will provide you the improved scanning algorithm along with the enhanced performance, then undoubtedly, you should try the methods included in the Mac data Recovery and the Windows Data Recovery. So, just choose any of the two options to get the fast recovery of your lost data in case of a failure of hard drive. Also, if have the availability of a hard drive and other computer is attached with your computer, then you can easily recover the data from that computer. The Data Recovery Programs can also be helpful. These programs can be easily downloaded from the Internet. The REMO Recovery Software is the most commonly used software nowadays. 



The use of pen drives has increased significantly in the past few years, because of its small configuration and large memory capacity. Few years ago, the pen drives were able to store the data up to 256 MB only, but now this number has increased to 32 GB.  With the advancement of technology, the use of pen drive has also increased. Due to the excessive use of one drive, the risk of losing the important data has also increased simultaneously. Hence, certain precautions must be adapted to overcome these complications. The data can be lost due to the number of reasons like the virus attack, accidentally deletion of files and many more. If you have faced such situation, then you should know how to recover the lost data. In such situation you have two options either to pay huge money to the data recovery providers or you can also choose an inexpensive method by installing the Data Recovery Software in the system.

You must understand that the information cannot be deleted from the pen drive on its own, you must have given the command and hence it has been deleted from the pen drive. So, just try to recall the date when you tried to delete the file. How much space did that file occupy? This implies that through the use of some technical power, you can recover the lost file in your system. Also, you should be careful that much space should not be overwritten by another file. So, you can follow two methods to recover the data from your pen drive.

  • First and foremost, you have to utilize the thumb drive as soon as possible in such situation. Use it avoid the risk of your file being overwritten by any other file. This is important, if you don’t have much space left in your pen drive.
  • The second method is to run a good recovery program or algorithm. The algorithm can be illustrated as follows:
    • First scan the pen drive using the data recovery software.
    • The software will reveal the list of files which were recently deleted by you.
    • Then, just click on the file or files which you want to recover.

So, it is very easy to restore the deleted files from the pen drive. Also, there are several free wares which are available in the market nowadays. They are considered to be reliable, but you need to spend huge money to purchase them. Hence, it is preferred to use the above two methods. These are inexpensive and the cheapest methods to recover the lost files from the pen drive. If you really want to recover the files back in your PC without any lose, then the use of this software is preferred. Moreover, the use of the software will not do any harm to your computer and it provides the good value to your money. So, it completely depends on the user to choose a method.

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