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FAQs for Quick Recovery for CD

Q: Is the software is useful to recover the data even if the CD involves with scratches?

A:Yes, it is useful for this purpose. Following are the steps to recover as:

  • Firstly run the Unistal's quick recovery software for CD once it is installed.
  • Then you need to put the CD in CD-ROM
  • Then you need to select the CD-ROM and it will start recovering the data and it will display.
  • If you want you can save the data so that you can use it in future.

Q: Suggest some ways to stay away from the problem of data loss.

A: To start with, get a nice anti-virus which may stop your files from getting attacked and corrupted by viruses. Apart from that, the best way to stay clear of the problem of data loss is to make back up files for all the documents.

Q: What does one mean by RAID?

A: RAID is a technology by which many drives are combined into unit of data storage. The partitions are created in the drive by using striping