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FAQs for Activity Reporter

Q: What is interesting about the "Activity Reporter" software?

A: The software enhances the ability to trace all the activities relates to internet activity say etc., application activity say word.exe also you can track the any activity related to games, easy to track the keystrokes, easily can visualize the reports of clipboard and screenshots as well.

Q: What does the white list feature meant for?

A: The white list function is very useful in such case where you wish not to generate the reports related to the internet activity and application activity.

Q: What does the blacklist feature meant for?

A: This feature is useful in order to visualize the reports regarding any specific application activity and internet activities which displays the reports in red in color.

Q: What kind of reports does the software reports?

A: The software has the tendency to send the reports of based on the customization as follows:

  • Application activity- displays the activities which is running say ‘notepad.exe”.
  • Clipboard activity- displays as cut, copy and paste.
  • Working log-acknowledges you till how long yours system is working and ideal.
  • Internet activity- displays the internet activity which is running say “”.
  • Keystrokes- display all the non-printable and printable characters.
  • Screenshots-displays all the screenshots as per customized.

Q: Is this software offers any option to change the password of Activity reporter?

A: Yes, you can easily change the password.

Q: Under which mail service is used to send the notification mail?

A: Gmail is used to send the notification mails.

Q: Is this software is eligible to monitor more than one computer with one license?

A: No this software do not offers as such.